Writers Gateway Gets a New Site

Hi all

I am glad to announce that the content of this blog has been moved to http://www.blog.thewritersgateway.com/

Please note that all future updates will happen in http://www.blog.thewritersgateway.com/ 

The blog: https://writersgateway.wordpress.com/ will continue to remain.

Please redirect your feeds to http://feeds2.feedburner.com/WritersGateway

Hope you enjoy reading my posts and will continue to do so.



Writers Gateway Takes a Break for XMas and New Year!

Hello all,

It is almost year end and I am taking a break from blogging this month.

My birthday happens to fall on 24th Dec, so I am taking some time off to celebrate my birthday and New Year with my family.

2007 has been a memorable year for Writers Gateway. The blog now has about 75 useful posts and has attracted more than 20,000 readers across the globe.

In 2008, Writers Gateway will have many more posts with lots of useful information about Instructional Designing and also Technical Writing. Do look forward to the posts.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Writers Gateway Takes the Blog Readability Test

I found a lot of bloggers discussing about the Blog Readability Test. I got my blog to go through this test and lo! this is what I got:


I do not know how authentic this blog readability test is. I am also not sure if this test is sheer fun.

But then I will be more than happy if a high school student is able to understand what Instructional Designing is all about through my blog . 🙂

Writers Gateway participates in Blog Book Tour

I am pleased to announce that Writers Gateway participated in the blog book tour organised by Professor Karl Kapp for two weeks in succession.

Check out the reports here:

Blog Book Tour– First Update
Blog Book Tour: Week Two

Three Cheers to Professor Karl Kapp and his book Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning.

Writers Gateway Performance Report till August 2007

Hello Readers,

It’s been more than six months now since I started Writers Gateway, a blog that not only helps you get started with instructional designing but also give you practical tips to design e-learning courses. The blockbuster posts in this blog are those which illustrate how game based strategies can be applied to e-learning.

Given below is the blog stats for the past six months.

Click on the image to view a clearer version


Writers Gateway started off with just 100 readers. Now it’s more than six months since its inception and stats show that the blog has attracted more than 10,000 readers.

Thanks a million to all you readers. Without you this would not have been possible.

A brief report on the top 10 blog posts can be found below.

Click on the image to view a clearer version


Writers Gateway wants to ensure that every reader who visits the blog, not only gets loads of information but is able to turn the knowledge gained to practice.

Please keep reading and give you valuable comments for all forthcoming posts.

Now read the tops posts here:

  1. E-learning Design Challenge Series – Designing a Game Based Course
  2. Storyboard Templates in Instructional Designing
  3. Top 8 Reasons Why Captivate Rocks
  4. 8 Easy Steps to Create a Storyboard
  5. Designing an Effective Instructional Design Strategy – Learning from Gaming
  6. Innovating Interactivity Models in E-learning
  7. Tips to design a User Manual (Part 1)
  8. Tips to design a User Manual (Part II)
  9. Needs Analysis in Instructional Designing
  10. The Role of an Instructional Designer

Thanks again

Writers Gateway in Answers.com

Hello all,

It’s my pleasure to announce that Writers Gateway is now part of the famous Answers.com.

Looking forward to more such recognitions.



Writers Gateway in EServer Technical Communication Library

Hello Readers,

I am happy to announce that Writers Gateway is now part of the EServer Technical Communication Library.

The EServer Technical Communication has hoards of articles on various subjects. Do visit this site for sure.