Learn Cooking Through Games!

I love exploring all kinds of web on the game. Recently I have got addicted to playing cooking games. Surprised uh?

Yes, I am addicted to playing virtual cooking games.

I see an instructional value in these games. In fact such cooking games are used to train chefs too.

I recently read an article which talked about virtual cooking games for chefs.

A chef can learn a few different techniques and tips and race the clock, or other competitors! Whether it is word games, puzzles, or video games, the chef has endless options to wile away a few hours – the article states.

More than Puzzles and Word Games, I prefer those cooking games that allow you to learn by doing. I am talking about those cooking games that helps you try out the entire cooking process in a virtual set up.

There is a game called Cooking Mama in which the contender races the clock trying to prepare quality food. What’s great about this game is it also offers tips and tricks on the screen that you can use in your real kitchen. The player must chop vegetables, fry, grate, peel, mash and all the other things a cook does in their real kitchen. This game has amazing interactive capabilities where a touch screen is used to put together an omelet, and you must blow into a mike to cool off the food as stated in the article.

Just reading about this game excites me πŸ™‚

I haven’t played Cooking Mama but I have a played a couple of other cooking games on the web.

I have learnt something from all these cooking games. I at least know the ingredients and process of making some dishes which I haven’t tried in my real life. I wouldn’t say that these games help you become a master chef. These cooking game just give you a hint on what you use to make some dishes and how they are made.

I list the games here so that you can try them out too πŸ™‚



PANCAKE DAY is a simulation where you first mix ingredients and then pour out the mix onto a cooking plate till it cooks and becomes a pan cake.

The game has no instructions. All that you have to do is first drag and drop the ingredients into the mixer.

When the batter is ready, move your mouse across the cooking plate to pour the batter. You need to figure out how to get a perfect round shape.


I tried pouring the batter in the cooking plate and this is the shape I got:)


After a couple of attempts I figured out how to make a perfect round pancake.

I liked the graphics a lot. There is a touch of reality in this game.

Of course, the game has no instructions and there is a hitch in mixing the ingredient because sometimes the drag and drop function doesn’t seem to work.

Yet the game, PANCAKE DAY rocks!



KITCHEN QUEEN is comparatively easy to play. The game allows you to mix the ingredients, bake the cake and also ice it.

There are guided instructions as to how much quantity of each ingredient you must put and how much you must bake the cake and also how you must ice it. You can play the game just by simply clicking the mouse.

The highlight of the game is the graphics and the simple game controls.



The EGG GAME allows you to mix the ingredients and make omelettes.

The objective of the game is to make as many omelettes you can.

You can play the game using the mouse.


The SANDWICH COOKING GAME allows you to make 18 different sandwiches using the given ingredients.

There are guided instructions on how you must make a sandwich. You get to cut and fry vegetables in the game.

You can play this game through simple drag and drop actions and mouse clicks.



SUE DUMPLINGS is an interesting game. It familiarizes you with how dumplings are made. Dumplings are popular in many countries such as India, China and Japan.

The objective of the game is make as many dumplings as possible and place one dumpling in each dish bowl.

I liked action of rolling out the dough in this game πŸ™‚

You can play this game using simple mouse clicks.



SUE COOKING GAME is a cute game.

In this game you mix all ingredients and allow them to cook on the stove. The challenge in this game is to judge for how much time the dish must remain on the stove. If you keep it for more time than required, you burn the dish.

You can play this game using simple mouse actions.



I like this game because it showcases the South Indian pancake and how it is made in roadside dhabas.

Also try these games for time pass: