About the Author

My name is Rupa Rajagopalan and I work as an Information Developer. I am a post graduate in English Literature.

I have been working for more than 3 years now. My primary focus has been Instructional Designing and I am more into Game Based Learning.

I have been into Technical Writing for about an year now.

Why do I write

I am passionate about Instructional Designing and writing in general. I want to use this blog to share my writing experiences with all budding writers and professionals.


If you would like to touch base with me with any questions, agreements or disagreements, feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment or sending me a mail.

11 Responses

  1. Hi Rupa,

    Thank god that I ve come across your page and I ve already bookmarked it. It gives me immense pleasure as discovering your quintessential page is like finding everything I needed. I am a technical writer for the past two years and now trying to get into Instructional Designing. I would be studying and learning from your blog and thank for providing us with this great information.


  2. Hello Rupa,
    It’s great to find a blog like yours. I appreciate your effort, and guess that this will soon become one of the most visited blogs, if it is not already so!
    Hope to find many more great entries!

  3. Hello Rupa!
    I have been delighted to see your blog.I worked as a lecturer in English till last academic year.Now I would like to enter into the instructional desgning, as I heard it is an exellent opportunity who should have bachelor degree in eduction like me.So I hope strongly that your blog will fetch enormous boost at regular intervals.

  4. Nice blog, Rupa.

  5. Hi Rupa,
    Very Informative Blog, i must confess.
    I am currently working for Oracle as a Technical Writer.
    Have worked for Accenture and Lionbridge Technologies as a Instructional Designer.

    Instructional Design and E-learning deployment are my passion areas. Thanks for the interesting stuff on ID.
    keep posting unto glory..

    Will follow your posts.


  6. Namaste Rupa,

    It’s a real discovery to find a blog on my passionate dream. I am a technical guy doing multimedia editing, pre and post productions. Creative writing is my hobby and I get serious when it has come directly from my heart. For past one year I am doing as a creative head in my firm and got an exposure to eLearning. I had to build up amatuer Instructional designs for the sake of my firm’s need. But now I confess I love to make it my career. Hope I will be receiving good knowledge from your blogs.
    Great work done.
    Warm Regards,
    Kaustav Pramanik

  7. Hi Rupa,

    I came across your blog by accident, when I was doing some research on ID and to tell you the truth I got to know a lot about ID through your blog. Your writing style is very simple, and it helps in understadning the concepts easily. I now want to get into ID and luckily my company is ready to sponsor me. I just wanted your suggestions for a few things:

    Where do we get trained for ID in bangalore?
    What should be the duration of the course?
    What is the growth path for ID’s?

    About myself I am a Technical Writer in a documentation company, from past 14 months, having very keen interest in ID, I read your post about captivate and I am using it now to create some wonderful quizzes.

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Thanking you,

  8. Very useful website. Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground re: ID concepts. It’s good to be able to find a site that shares many of the same feelings I have about ID.

  9. Hey, we both are in the same profession. Not just that, we both did our Masters from PU too. Yes, I did my M.A in Politics and International Relations from the School of International Studies. I am a 2001-2003 batch pass out. How about you?

    I’ve been an ID for the past 2.6 years based out of Chennai. Surprised and glad to know that somebody else from the same alma matter is also plying the same trade. 🙂

    Your posts are superb. Easy on reading and comprehension. Keep it going!!


  10. Hi Rupa,

    Thanks for putting down nice articles. Very interesting and easy to follow.

  11. I am really so thrilled to come across your site.
    I have high degrees in medicine and Iam an academician, but I was not satisfied, so I learnt computer at a later age and now Iam doing higher awards in medical education, and one of Diploma modules is about Information&Communication Technologies in Education. In this module there are strange terms I have never heard of them, I started having nightmares, thinking I will never be able to manage this module. However, seening your site has given me light in the begining of the tunnel.
    Iam greatful to you and please wish me luck that I can master this module for my self and I want to be able to teach others to spread the knowledge.
    I apologize Rupa for not writing your name at the begining, I was so excited.
    With lots of regards

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