Important Information Regarding Use of Toondoo For E-Learning

Hello All

Please do not use images created in ToonDoo without having the toondoo watermark, toon title and author name on it because it is a violation and any such material must not be used for elearning or for any other purpose.

Since the e-learning demos I created using Toondoo,  violate terms of Toondoo, am withdrawing the e-learning demo from the following post in my site :

I will fix the violations in the following posts and get it back to the site as soon as possible:

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for clarifying this, Rupa!

    ToonDudette from

  2. Kia ora Rupa

    Interesting information – thank you. I have used a similar comic strip maker MakebeliefComix. I wonder if that company has a similar copyright violation.

    Hmmm. Thanks for alerting me to this. It is for reason of copyright violation that I try, where possible, to create allk images and photographs for myself.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

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