Quick Tips to Create Quick Custom Images for Your E-learning Storyboards and Demos

After I posted the game based e-learning demo, a reader sent me a query asking me the tools I used to create the demo, particularly the graphics that is shown in the demo. In response to her query, I write this post.

I created all the image slides for my game based e-learning demo using Toondoo and cliparts from MS Powerpoint.

If you are an instructional designer who does not know graphic design and wants to use quick images in your storyboard or e-learning demos, then the site www.toondoo.com might interest you.

Toondoo is one popular site which people use to create and publish comic strips.

You can also use this site to create custom images for your storyboards and e-learning demos. Please remember you cannot create professional graphics using this site. You cannot use the images created in Toondoo for the e-learning courses that you develop for your clients.

You can use this site to illustrate your instruction design ideas. Instead of creating text based storyboards, you can use colorful images to illustrate your ideas.

Toondoo reminds me of the building set that my dad got when I was a kid. The building set had lot of independent items such as roof top, floor, fence, walls, windows, doors, garden, small characters etc. I used to put the walls, roof, doors and windows together to build a house.

Toondoo works the same way. Toondoo gives you a range of background images, character images and some other miscellaneous images, which you can mix and match and put them together to get the kind of image you want for your e-learning storyboards.

Here are some top reasons why you can use Toondoo for your storyboards and e-learning demos:

Toondoo gives you ready made settings or themes for your courses which otherwise requires graphic design skills.

Here are some examples of background images that you will find in Toondoo:

\Indoor Bg\



\scenery bg\

Toondoo gives you ready made characters and also allows you to generate custom characters You can use the characters as talking heads for your elearning courses.

Examples of Ready Made Characters in Toondoo


Toondoo allows you to change the emotion and posture of characters.

Here are some examples below:


You can make your courses lively by showing animated characters.

Toondoo gives you a whole range of miscellaneous images. You can combine these images to form something altogether new and something you want for your e-learning.

For example here is a sample image I created by combining a lot of ready made images in Toondoo.

\In the Kitchen\

The background image, the tea pot, fruits, teacup and everything that you see in the image above are ready made images that I found in Toondoo. All I did was drag and drop each of the images in the layout area or workspace and arrnaged them in a fashion I want.

Toondoo really helps you create quick images without much editing.

Please remember not use images created in ToonDoo without having the toondoo watermark, toon title and author name on it because it is a violation and any such material must not be used for elearning or for any other purpose.


MS Powerpoint also gives you lots of options to create custom images. You can actually group and ungroup clipart images and then mix and match the images to create a new image altogether.

Check out Tom Kuhlmann’s  interesting posts on creating quick images for e-learning to learn more:

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  1. Awesome thanks for this Rupa ! Willa dd Toondoo to my list of resources !

  2. Hi Rupa,

    I came to know of your blog through a message posted in IDIndia. There are plenty of tips, ideas and help for novice IDS like me. Thanks a lot. Keep up the amazing work

  3. Great post. Love the use of examples and illustrations to show the use of the tool.

    You could also add the following tools to your list:

    * Bitstrips – to create comics, great tool to create visual storyboard, much like Tondoo.
    * GoAnimate for creating animations easily.

    Both the tools can’t really be used for professional elearning courses (similar limitations as Tondoo) but are great tools for rapid and visual storyboarding.

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