Computer Tutor: An Excellent Example of Game Based Learning

I came across a really interesting course developed by BBC. This course is to help people get started using the Computer as in to get started using the mouse and keyboard.

I liked the way instructional and gaming strategies have been used together in this course.

Click on the image below now to explore the course:


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  1. I’ve had some experience of this course when working with elderly first-time computer users. Firstly, I really like it also; it covers the basics in a thorough enough fashion without being too condescending and childish.

    One problem I have found with it is that the level of competence required to finish it is erratic and becomes too high too quickly half-way through.

    The gameshow section has sequence in it with a travel theme. One of the games within this section involves typing out the names of dogs as they escape a shop, to call them back into the shop. There is a time limit for each dog, and after that time limit the dog leaps off the balcony; once three dogs have done this, the user has to repeat the game.

    I think this part of the course needs changing; it seems to require highly-developed motor-control skills and the ability to type without looking at the keyboard. These are skills which users of this course really wouldn’t have, and it is frustrating.

  2. I agree with your point regarding the particular game where you have to type the names of the dogs. May be the level of challenge should gradually increase.

    Thanks for pointing out this 🙂

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