Are You Looking for Ideas to Build Elearning Demos for Your Portfolio?

Soon after I wrote this post here on the importance of creating a portfolio of elearning demos, I received mails from people saying they understand how important it is to create a portfolio, but then they are just not able to think of any ideas.

I totally agree with them. It just too difficult to cook up a business case. You cannot randomly create an elearning demo. You need a solid business case which will prompt you to think more.

One possibilty to get some ideas is to Google search using the keyword Elearning Design Challenge.

My search got me this top site that gives you some sample business cases is

There are about 6 business cases for which you have to think of an elearning design or strategy.

These business cases are a good starting point. You can either use them as they are or build on them.

Right now I am busy thinking about my next demo. I promise that I shall give a detailed description on how I built this demo in my future posts.

Hoping to hear from you all.

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  1. Hi Rupa

    I am sure you’ve checked out the new LinkedIn applications. You can now create your professional profile and embed your your portfolio in it (e.g. Slideshare ppt). Given the professional nature of use of LinkedIn, I think the new applications on it are just great.

  2. Hey this seems to be uselful post published on-demand. I will check this site out for business cases. 🙂

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