Home Sweet Home Series : Instructional Games for Interior Design Lovers

Yesterday I downloaded the trial version of this highly addictive game called Home Sweet Home  at www.bigfishgames.com.

I just could not stop playing. I was totally hooked into this game.If you love interior design and would like to try it out in a virtual set up, Home Sweet Home might interest you too.       

Here is a snapshot of the game interface picked up from the Big Fish Games website:

 Home Sweet Home allows you to design just the living room. Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths allows you design not only the living room but also kitchen and the bathroom.

 In these games you design the interiors of a flat depending on the client (flat owner ) requirements. At the outset the requirements of the client are clear.

An example of a requirement could be : Ms Green wants lots of greenery inside her kitchen. So you as an interior designer, design the kitchen in such a fashion that there are lots of interior plants placed in the kitchen. You have a budget  and also restrictions on how many items you can use. Your goal is to exercise your creative skills and create the design the client actually wants and increase client satisfaction levels. The more the client sastisfaction level is, the more you earn.

At every level you are given clear requirements and all that you have to do is design the flat accordingly. There is a budget, there are workers using whom you build the interiors, there are deadlines and the game gets interesting as you play.

The most interesting part is using the money earned by interior design you get to design your own room or flat. Here is a snapshot of my virtual living room:

You can use your imagination and mix and match colors, try different furniture and furnishings. You can use your creative ideas to the maximum to create something new and innovative using existing material/options.

I specifically enjoyed this game because there is more to just entertainment in this. There is also some kind of learning here. This reminds me of the building set that my dad once got when I was a girl.

A building set has all the material to build a small independent house with a garden enclosed by a fence.  In a building set the materials are fixed and standard. However you can be creative enough to put the existing material together to create something new every time. The challenge of the game lies in your creative skills, it all depends on how you organize and put things together to create a piece of art.

Home Sweet Home is similar to this. The game does not have a wide range of furniture and furnishings. However you can try various combinations and create something new and nice every time you play.

For example the first time I played, I found it challenging to decide where to place the television, in which direction to place the furniture and rugs, where to fix the lights, which color to use for curtains so that they match the walls, where to place the book cabinets etc. All this just to make the living room looks pretty, organized and gorgeous.

While I enjoyed playing this game, I also thought on how to improve the instructional element in this game.Check out my next post for my ideas on enhancing the instructional element of this game.

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