My To-Learn List – Still in the Making


I readily attempt this month’s Big Question because this is exactly what has been going on in my mind recently.

I do not have a to-do or to-learn list on paper. But yes I have been really thinking hard about it. I guess before you have a to-do or a to-learn list for career advancement or career shift sake, you need to have a clarity about what you want to achieve in your career, in the sense you need to have a achievable career goal based on which you decide on what you need to do or learn. A to-do list or a to-learn list prepares you for a career shift or a career jump. So clarity,patience, perseverance and organization are very important. I think creating a to-do or to -learn list can be quite challenging, at least it is turning out to be challenging for me.

This whole thing gets challenging when you want to reach out to something totally new and something that you havent been doing at all. I have been thinking of getting into game writing recently. I want to get into the game industry and get into the role which will require me to visualize games. I do not want to be on the technical side as in programming and graphic design. I want to create plots and characters for games.

Now this is going to be a steep learning curve for me. I am passionate about games and I enjoy playing games. But I do not actually know the tips and tricks of making games. I need to acquire all the necessary skills to become a game writer. I have no clue what a game writer exactly does, what skils he/she must have. So  I need to research and understand the requirements for a game writer job. I have to spend ample time reading about the gaming industry, gaming jobs, how people visualize games, how do they create storyboards etc etc. I also need to find out how many gaming companies in India offer such game writer positions.

This nice site  talks of game design and development. It seems really useful. This will help me get started. While I learn about gaming in general, I must exercise my creative skills.

Most of all I need exercise my imagination and create a sample game design. This will tell me how creatively I can think.

 I have a sample game design outline which I picked up from the web. I will use it to put down my ideas in the right format.

Even if i do not get into game writing, I am sure this exercise is going to help me a great deal in my job.

Right now I am sure that I have to read up a lot about gaming and then take up short creative exercises, may be try putting up ideas together to make a game. I can also use tondoo to give a visual layout.

There is more to my to-do list or a to-learn list which will gradually add up in the coming days, may be when I am clear about what exactly I want to do.

Since game writing is not so common in India, (atleast thats what I think, if it is not true please educate me)my efforts may not pay off, yet I guess this would be a great creative exercise for me. 🙂


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  1. Hi Rupa this is Lally’ka. I’ve been to your site quite a few times only and your vocab is really good. I would like to know about CONTENT WRITING and I’ll be happy if you let me know how to get started for that.

  2. Hey Rupa, nice new layout.

    Interesting to see that you think you have to have career goals for learning. Maybe it’s a cultural thing,but what about learning simply for the heck of it? Or for reasons other than your job?

    I have a don’t have a “to learn” list – there are just items on my to do list that involve learning stuff first – like finding out about how to teach swimming to my son, has led me to make a note to look up how to improve my front crawl. And I often make a point of learning things only tangentially involved with my job just so I have a broader perspective on what I do – I don’t NEED to know SCORM to write elearning, but it makes it more interesting if I can understand the techy chats.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for reading my post and taking time to write a comment.

    Well, I agree with you that you can learn just for the heck of it and not for career purposes. I tried learning photoshop just for the heck of it sometime back. But then I also thought learning photoshop will make me independent of a graphic designer and may be I could create my own images.

    When I wrote this post I was thinking of learning for career advancement. I should probably make it clear in my post that if you want to learn something to advance in your career, you must have career goals.

    I really appreciate your comment and I visited your blog too and have bookmarked it.


  4. Rupa, I like the layout. As for game designing, I think reading about it and learning as much as you can is important but, at some point, you have to just do it. Take a simple exercise that you have to design and then make it a game. At first base it on games you know and then expand. I am confident you can create engaging games just as you’ve created an engaging blog!


  5. Hi Rupa,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and aspirations. It is really helpful for people like me who are also planning a career shift.

    Btw, it would be gr8 if you include some reviews of books on ID and Technical writing that you have found useful. 🙂

    Best !

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