Working/Learning Blog Carnival – May 2008

Dave Ferguson started the first Working/Learning blog carnival. The Working/Learning blog carnival for April 2008 was hosted by Manish Mohan. I am glad that I got a chance to host this Blog Carnival this month.

Blog Carnivals are effective because it gives people an opportunity to collaborate and share their ideas/views/suggestions . Also you find a collection of posts carrying views/ideas/suggestion about a particular topic/theme in one place.

This time, the theme of the Blog Carnival is again “Work at Learning/Learning at Work“. The objective of this Blog Carnival is basically to collect ideas and views from people who work in the training/learning area on how they go about their learning or how learning happens in workplaces.

We have a quite a few interesting posts this time.

  1. Natalie in her post, has some interesting suggestions on how to conduct orientation for newbies. She talks about how mentorship works well when it comes to training newbies.
  2. Taruna Goel in her post talks about the advantages of using tools and technologies in training/learning.
  3. Clark Quinn in his post says that learning must be fun. I liked the way he says: And I do believe passionately in self-learning; if I’m not learning, I may as well be dead. Play is learning, and I intend to keep playing.
  4. In his post : How I Got This Way Dave Ferguson tries to answer questions posed by Karyn Romeis to learning professionals: How did you get started with social media, how did the journey unfold, and what difference has it made in my professional practice?
  5. Viplav Baxi in his post talks about Learning 2.0 Fomal Methodologies that organizations can adapt.
  6. Rupa in her post illustrates how it is important for a person to identify what skill he/she must focus at to do his/her job well.
  7. Prof Karl Kapp has some nice thoughts about learning in his post.

Thanks to all contributors for taking some time to participate in the Blog Carnival 🙂


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  1. […] welcome your comments. See details at her post.) Naturally, this seems like a great fit with this month’s Working/Learning blog carnival hosted by Rupa […]

  2. Hi, Rupa!

    Do you know who will host the June 2008 Carnival?

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Capricornis

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