Here Are Some Time Saving Tips for Your Next Software Demo

I read an interesting post by Tom Kuhlmann  today. I work in a software company and I do create lots of product demos. Of course my product demos are mainly screencasts where you make a movie that shows the mouse movement and walks through the steps.

In his post Tom has shown alternative ways to showcaase product features or demonstrate steps to work with a particular product feature. I really appreciate his approach. 

I realize that you do not have to show mouse movements always. You can use simple call outs to draw attention to certain parts of the screen and just show areas that you want to show excluding other parts of the screen.

I liked Tom’s piece of advise saying: Include only text and images where the steps are simple.  And when you need to show more, insert a screencast if you want.  You’ll be able to keep them smaller and easier to edit.

I am sure editing will be much more easier this way.

Please read the entire post here.

Thanks for the tips Tom!

I have to do a lot of product demos in the coming days. I am going to use your tips 🙂

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