My Second Life Woes

After a lot of postponement and thoughts, I finally managed to get into Second Life. I must not forget to mention the post by Christy Tucker that has some useful links to get started with Second Life. This post really instigated me to go ahead and register and download the client.

So I did create a character for myself called Shalini Mandel. I think I could have christined my Second Life character in a better fashion. But then I could not wait to get into my second world, so I gave myself the first name that I wished my parents could have given me in my real life.

I was too excited to get into the world.  I first worked on my appearance and clothes a little. I did struggle but I managed to change my appearance a little, though I did not fully work on it.

Then I tried flying and roaming around. When I stopped flying, I landed into the water and then  underwater. I actually felt that I had fallen into the water. I struggled to come out of it.

I tried searching for places to visit and tried to teleport myself. I tried searching for communities and joined a few. But I did not know what to do further.

Wherever I went I was alone. I just did not know what to do. To be frank, I felt totally stranded and alone. I had to expect this, because Second Life like Orkut and Facebook is a social networking tool. Unless and until you know some people,  there is no point using the social networking tools.

When I had newly joined Orkut and Facebook I did not feel this lost and alone as I am feeling now in my Second Life. I think this virtual world is really making a strong impact. Even more so I am scared to move around alone in the lonely streets and places as I would have felt in the real world.

The world I was trying to explore in my PC was certainly make believe, but my feeling was very real.

I read a few articles now especially the article on Second Life in Education in Prof Karl Kapp’s blog. I am yet to see the webinar. I also read Natalie’s article on her Second Life.

Second Life really sounds exciting. But I need to network and meet people. I have no clue how I will manage to do it unless and until I know some people in Second Life.

Right now I do not want to check the video tutorials and learn how to use Second Life.

I want to explore and discover. I would use the tutorials in case I am stuck with something or I am not sure what to do.

Thanks Christy for posting the links. I am sure it is going to help me.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hope my Second Life is as exciting as my first 🙂



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  1. You definitely have to find someone–SL is a huge space. It can feel very lonely. Many businesses who put up shops in SL have complained that they’re empty.

    I wonder if you could find a live event with other educators or technology people, like a presentation or something. That might be easier.

    I just found this calendar of events for educators in Second Life. I don’t know what time zone you’re in, but maybe you can find something that will work with your schedule.

  2. Thanks so much for the link Christy… I will check if I can get to attend any presentation 🙂

  3. Hey, Rupa. I will be your friend in SL. Maybe we can set up a meeting time and plan something. I need to figure out a way to stop getting motion sickness while I’m in there.

  4. Hey there – sorry this is a late reply! I found this post through a friend’s blog. Have you tried checking out the SL showcase on search? You will find some great places to explore. Also try the events calendar – entertainment venues are good places to meet people in SL, and you’ll get to hear a lot of live music that way.

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