Do SMEs hijack E-learning Projects Sometimes?

I just read an interesting post by Cathy Moore and found it worth sharing it with the readers of my blog.

Cathy raises some really important questions with respect to the role of SMEs in an e-learning project and how they want the content they send to be put as it is in the e-learning course.

Content conversion happens in such SME driven e-learning courses.

I have worked in a number of projects where the SME decides how the content has to appear and what the template should be. In such courses you cannot do much. You just cannot break the guidelines that they have set. If you do, it is obviously rubbing them on the wrong side.

I have always not wanted to work in such projects. The content, images and everything else is given by the SME. So what does the Instructional Designer have to do in such projects?

Thanks Cathy for raising this point.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with your views Rupa.

    e-Learning Tyro

  2. Hi Rupa,

    I have had the fortune of working of ‘ideal’ or ‘dream’ SMEs. They were really cooperative and very helpful. I had also heard horror stories regarding SMEs. But luckily my experience was surprisingly pleasant. They actually respected the role of an ID and worked as a team to deliver a high quality course.

    I have heard of a project in which there were 12 SMEs!! Imagine the chaos!


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