How to Get Creative with PowerPoint Animations?

Tom Kuhlmann has again come up with a very interesting post on PowerPoint and this time it is about PowerPoint Animations. He has some practical demonstrations on how to create interesting animations in this post of his.

I never realized that PowerPoint could be such an effective tool to create interesting e-learning courses until I read some of the posts in the Rapid E-learning Blog.

Tom has proved to us that you can do magic using an easy to use tool as PowerPoint.

I take this opportunity to thank Tom for sharing all this useful information with all of us.


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  1. Hello Rupa,

    Thanks for mentioning the post. In future posts, I’ll share other PowerPoint animation techniques. I’ve reviewed a lot of award winning elearning courses, many of them in the $90,000 range. Most of them could have been built in PowerPoint. One of the things that distinguishes those courses is that they look more sophisticated.

    One of my goals is to help people understand better animation and graphic techniques to the point that they’re able to build elearning courses that rival some of the more costly award winners.

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