How would you design a Bloom’s Taxonomy Interactive?

I have seen a lot of learning interactions on Bloom’s Taxonomy and most of them follow a similar strategy.

Most learning interactions use the image of staircase to represent the six levels of learning. I have also seen tabular representations of Bloom’s taxonomy. I just find all of them too boring and hard to remember.

I just found a learning interaction on Bloom’s Taxonomy on the web and liked the way the interaction has been designed.

Check out the learning interaction below:


This learning interaction is good for those who know about and want to revise Bloom’s taxonomy because it doesn’t throw the words Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation immediately at you.

Rather you are given some real life scenarios and asked to identify the Bloom’s level.

However this learning interaction would have been better………


  • There was less text on screen. For example the scenarios could have been illustrated using simple images or animations
  • The feedback was not loaded with text and wasn’t so lengthy

Snapshot of the feedback

  • The gentleman who ascends the steps had been introduced in the outset itself and not in the conclusion of the learning interaction. This way his presence in the learning interaction would have been justified.

Snapshot of Conclusion


  • There were more scenarios and a random list, rather a fresh list of scenarios were presented to the learners each time they take up the learning interaction.
  • The learning interaction had various difficulty levels such as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The learner could choose the level and start off. The learning interaction could have been customized for each level
  • The gaming strategy in the learning interaction had been enhanced further
  • There was a story revolving the gentleman who ascends the steps and his mission to climb up the steps and an invite to the learner to help the gentleman complete his mission could have been weaved around this whole activity which could have added to the entertainment value in the interaction.

Now it’s your turn:

  • Have you designed any learning interaction on Bloom’s Taxonomy?
  • How differently would you present it?
  • Any creative ideas/strategies to teach Bloom’s taxonomy?

To learn about the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy, check this wiki page.

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