Rook’s Binocular and Avian Resurrection – Interesting Instructional Games

I recently caught a 7 year old boy playing two games on the web. One was Rook’s Binocular and the other was Avian Resurrection. Both these games have two things in common:

  • Birds
  • Instructional Value

I was amazed at the 7 year old kid’s knowledge about birds and animals. I was amused how easily he managed to score cent percent in both these bird games when I failed miserably.

Then I discovered that the kid had been playing this game continuously for sometime and therefore he is so perfect in playing those games and of course his knowledge about birds.

Games that have instructional value do wonders. They provide both entertainment and education. The gaming and instructional strategies used in Rook’s Binocular and Avian Resurrection are quite interesting to note.

Rook’s Binocular is at Level One – Knowledge of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The game is just plain recall of facts about birds.


The objective of the game is too simple. You just need to read the description about a bird and identify the right bird among a group of birds.

To make the game interesting you have a talking head, a binocular that helps you scroll or navigate across the page, the colorful birds and pleasant backdrop.

Rook’s Binocular proves that simple strategies make learning interesting.

Avian Resurrection is a bit challenging when compared to Rook’s Binocular. This game is at level 2 and 3 – (Comprehension and Application) of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


The objective of the game is to create birds for specific environments. For example you need to understand or know what bird beak type suits for fresh water or what bird legs suit for marshland.

You choose a planet, read facts about the environment of the planet. Then you are all set to put the head, body and legs of a bird together to make it fit enough to survive in that planet. You of course get hints and tips as you play the game.

This game again has interesting gaming and instructional strategies. The graphics and animation add value to the game.

I am going to stop here and allow you to play the game and enjoy.

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