Do you test and evaluate your E-learning Courses?

Sometime back I had raised some questions with respect to testing and evaluating an e-learning course here.

There is another interesting post on this topic here.

It will be nice if you guys can share your ideas/suggestions on testing and evaluating an e-learning course.


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  1. The kind of testing I’ve seen is primarily for:

    • Checking Links
    • Content Flow
    • Grammar issues
    • Graphic, content and audio synch
    • Formatting

    But I don’t think the effectiveness of course content is analysed by QA people… that how much the course will be able to succeed in making learner understand the concept.

    Infact many times QA do not even know who is the target how can they think from audience’s perspective. I don’t think companies follow KIRKPATRIC for course evaluation or even know about this term as no one used this term till now..though I studied about it in my course.

    If I find more information on testing..I’ll share with you.

    Thanks and keep writing such lovely articles…

  2. Hi Rupa,

    Great to see your blog with a new look and feel. It’s as fascinating as your blog posts 🙂

    e-Learning Tyro

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