Meet the Crabby Office Lady



Do you know her? If you do not, let me introduce her to you.

She is the Microsoft Crabby Office Lady – a secretary from a bygone era. Her desk is littered with lipstick-marked foam cups of coffee, she’s the one who keeps the supply of sticky notes, and only she knows just where the bodies are buried (so to speak).

This is the lady every office can’t do without. While mumbling keyboard shortcuts under her breath, she can instruct you how to transpose a row of text into a column of text (Hint: It has something to do with the Paste Special dialog box). She’s got a hard edge with a soft heart; she’s a swivel chair guru — the resident Office expert.

You must be wondering what I am talking about.

Well, I just went through Microsoft Crabby Office Lady columns and am actually very much impressed with this creative idea of offering support, tips or tricks for customers using Microsoft Office Products on a daily basis.

When you use a product, you never actually use it to the full. Most often you might not even know how to make use of the advantages a particular feature offers. This is because you do not know how to go about it.

All product companies receive umpteen “How to” mails. For example a customer might want send an automatic outgoing mail using Microsoft Outlook and has no clue how to go about it. If the user manual does not answer the query, the customer would immediately send a mail to Microsoft Support asking for help.

All companies keep track of such support mails. After all Customer Service is priority.

Now Microsoft Crabby Lady Columns in all its innovation and creativity offers support to use Microsoft Office Products effectively. The topics for the column come from customer queries.

These columns are simple articles running up to a single web page. What’s impressing is the presentation.

The Crabby Lady is a fictitious character who offers you advice, tips and tricks. The columns cover general topics too.

The Crabby Lady makes Microsoft Products down to earth because all her tips focus on everyday tasks you do using Microsoft Products.

The article is written in first person. The article sounds as if the Crabby Lady is sharing information. The tone of the article is informal. Language alone makes these columns interesting. No graphics or animation is used.

The writer’s style and presentation of the subject is exemplary.

By the way the writer of the Crabby Office Lady Columns is real. I am sure you must be curious to know more about the Crabby Office Lady Columnist.

So Meet the Real Crabby Office Lady now.

Check the Microsoft Office Crabby Office Lady Columns here.

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