Product Demos vs Product Tutorials

Yesterday I was tied up the whole day with a product demo. If you have read the About Me page in this blog, you must be aware that I work for a software product company that develops Business Rules Engine. Therefore I get to do a lot of demos and tutorials for the product.

I am writing this post to explain the clear difference that exists between Product Demos and Product Tutorials. I do not think people actually get confused with these. However I want to make the difference clear.

A Product demo is basically a capability overview of the product. Usually the main features in the product are showcased in one go.

It does not necessarily tell you how to work with the product. Rather it would tell you why you must use the product and how it will be beneficial to you.

The Sales team in a company uses demos to showcase the product to prospective customers.

Here is an example of a Product Demo : Microsoft Excel 2007 Demo

Click the screenshot to view the demo


A Product tutorial on the other hand tells you how to work with the product in a detailed fashion. You might have lots of tutorials for a specific product each detailing out the steps to use every product feature.

A Product tutorial is task based. It usually begins with a brief overview of a feature followed by steps to work with the feature.

Product tutorials are useful for those who use the product.

Here is an example of a Product Tutorial:Get to know Excel 2007: Create your first workbook

Click the screenshot to view the tutorial

The Microsoft Web Site has a good list of product demos and tutorials. Please take some time to watch the demos and tutorials.

Watch out my next post to learn how to develop a product demo.

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