Photoshop Lesson for the Day : 4 Easy Steps to Extract an Image

Let’s say you see a beautiful rose in the hands of a pretty lady in a picture and you want to reuse it in the greeting card that you are designing. The Extract feature in Photoshop helps you extract the rose excluding the lady in a jiffy.

I like the way the feature has been designed. The whole process of extracting is so very easy and simplified.

In this post I shall tell you the steps to extract an image.

Note: This tutorial uses Photoshop 6

Let’s extract a flower from these bunch of flowers.


Steps to Extract an Image

Note: Click on the image to enlarge

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Make sure you outline the image perfectly well. There must be no gaps in the line you draw.


Step 4


Check the output now.



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  1. Cool, my skills in PS are really lacking. Because we were restricted to using Fireworks in my old job, I haven’t had much practice. So this was a nice quick refresher. Thanks for sharing

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