CSharp for Sharp Kids – Just for Kids uh?

Some days back my husband asked me to learn CSharp. I shuddered. His suggestion reminded me of the C++ course which I ditched some years back. Coding and me…. No ways…. This is exactly what I told him. He however convinced me to take up an online course on CSharp.

The course is called CSharp for Sharp Kids. I actually went through this course and I must tell you this course is simply amazing. Never did I think coding can be taught in such an interesting fashion. Actually this course is not just for kids. Anyone can take this up and would really get the essence of it.

You will find lots of books on CSharp and programming languages in the market. Do any of these books for adults answer the vital question: Why programming is important or needed?

Ask any programmer to explain classes, object, properties or events in CSharp. I am sure he/she will not be able to explain.

I am impressed with CSharp for Sharp Kids because the course is actually very useful and has been designed carefully.

Never before coding has been so interesting to me. All coding concepts have been explained using down to earth analogies. There are cartoons, examples, stories and all elements to make learning interesting.

For example here is an excerpt from the course. Look at how the writer explains the concept of class in CSharp.

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CSharp for Sharp Kids does not just teach how to program or what to program. The course gives you valid reason as to why you must be writing code in a particular fashion. The course gives you the sound reason that coding is like any other human language and you need to speak in the language of the computer to make it understand things.

Here is another excerpt from the course. The writer beautifully reasons what the computer understands and how you need to actually write instructions.

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I have always loved browsing through learning material for kids. Browse through any book meant for kids, you are sure to find lots of colorful pictures and cartoons. Whatever is taught in these books is taught through games, stories and analogies.

Surprisingly such strategies are used only when you design learning material for kids. Is there a prevalent opinion that cartoons and stories in learning is exclusively for kids? Will not adults equally enjoy learning if such strategies are used while designing adult learning material?

In my opinion any kind of learning has to be interesting no matter if the target audience is a set of adults or kids. Any learning material must be designed with the view of engaging the learner and adding value to the learning experience. Any learning process is successful if the learner is able to translate knowledge into measurable skills.

I am sure you will enjoy reading CSharp for Sharp Kids and you will definitely agree its not just for kids!


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  1. Wow! Thank you for posting this… I love the illustrations and I’ve been looking for a way to get a really good introduction to programming. I learned everything I know about art history actually from browsing through the children’s book section at the MOMA in NY. Sometimes getting an overview from kids books is the best way to get introduced to a subject.

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