What is a Cheat Sheet in Eclipse?

Yesterday for the first time I opened Eclipse and clicked on Cheat Sheets in the Help Manual section.

A dialog box with a list of Cheat Sheets opened. I clicked on one of them and a window panel as follows opened on the right hand side:


If you haven’t got a chance to look at Cheat Sheets in Eclipse , I am sure you must be wondering what Cheat Sheets is all about.

A Cheat Sheet in Eclipse is nothing but an interactive tutorial that help you get hands on the features in Eclipse .

The Cheat Sheet not only guides you through the steps to complete a task but also performs some of them for you. You can also create your own cheat sheets in Eclipse.

After browsing through a couple of Cheat Sheets, I was highly impressed with the interactive help manual.

Some interesting things I noted about this interactive tutorial are as follows:

  • The Cheat Sheet is a minuscule e-learning course that allows you to learn by doing. Just like an e-learning course, the learning objective is set and as you proceed with the tasks you need to click the Click to Complete icon which acts as a checklist of the steps performed. So there is no way that you will miss any step.Some steps can be performed using the Click to Perform icon.
  • The way the Cheat Sheet is structured is interesting. Each Cheat Sheet has a complex task. Each complex task has the tasks and steps to perform it.
  • If you notice the screenshot above, Creating a Rich Client Application is the complex task . You can see all the tasks to perform this complex task in the tree. When you click on each task, the task gets displayed in the lower portion of the panel. When you click on the Start working on this task icon, the task and steps get displayed. The navigation is simple and there is absolutely no confusion.
  • The Cheat Sheet window never disappears when you actually perform the steps on Eclipse. It is conveniently placed on the right hand side for reference.

I am still exploring Cheat Sheets in Eclipse. Hope you get started too.

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