The Role of an Instructional Design Reviewer

It’s a good practice to do a self-review of the work you have done. However most often a self-review does not help you improvise your work, because it’s difficult to identify the gaps in your own work. This applies to Instructional Designing too.

Most companies have a team of Instructional Design Reviewers whose job is to just review work done by Instructional Designers.

Instructional Design Review indicates a third person opinion on the Storyboard created for an e-learning project.

Instructional Design Reviewers ARE NOT

  • Storyboarders
  • Proof Readers
  • Language Reviewers
  • Design Reviewers
  • Testers

Instructional Design Reviewers ARE

  • Critical
  • Analytical
  • Detail-oriented
  • Driven towards the usefulness of the e-learning product

Before we get further, I would like to segregate the job roles of each professional in an e-learning team. This would help you identify the role of an Instructional Design Reviewer in clear terms.

Instructional Designers

  • Gather client requirements for the course
  • Interact with the client
  • Visualize the Instructional Strategy for the course
  • Storyboard
  • Test the digitized course

Graphic Designers

  • Create images, animations and other media and graphic related stuff for the course
  • Work together with Instructional Designers

Design Reviewers

  • Focus on suitability and feasibility of the instructional strategy for a particular course keeping in mind the target audience and their needs
  • Validate the interactivities and animations to be used for the course keeping in mind the media constraints and the project deadlines
  • Give ideas to Instructional Designers on how to improve the theme of the course and how to make the course interesting from the design point of view

Language Reviewers

  • Review Storyboards
  • Check for grammatical errors, error in punctuation and other language related errors
  • Make sure the storyboard is free of typo

Now that we have identified the roles of most e-learning professionals, let’s see how different is an Instructional Design Reviewer from those listed above.

An Instructional Design Reviewer is an Instructional Designer with 4 + years of experience.He/she reviews the Storyboard with reference to the Analysis and Design document. While reviewing the Storyboard the Instructional Design Reviewer looks for:

  • Effectiveness of the instructional strategy/interactivities used in the course
  • Usefulness of the content
  • Gaps in the content
  • Logical flow of the course
  • Effectiveness of assessment items

In short an Instructional Design Reviewer probes if the course is actually worthy enough and whether it would prove beneficial for the target audience. Since Instructional Design Reviewers review the e-learning course at an early stage, they contribute a lot more to the quality of the course. A sign off from the Instructional Design Reviewer is a must before the course gets digitized.

Hope this post was useful. Please type in your comments/suggestions for sure.

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