Top 8 Reasons Why Captivate Rocks

For the past two days I have been busy making a demo for a product feature. I have been using Captivate for the purpose and I have really enjoyed working with it so far. Some months back I had to choose between Camtasia and Captivate to make product videos.

I first started with Camtasia and found the tool very difficult to use. Setting timelines for each slide is a tough task, if you are using Camtasia. When I tried my hand at this , the movie either ran very fast or too slow. I got too frustrated adjusting the sliders. Realizing the hassels of using Camtasia, I resorted to trying Captivate.

I fell in love with Captivate the day I started using it. Captivate is so user friendly that anyone can learn it in a day or two and make a video. Captivate is perfect tool for self-learning unlike tools like Framemaker.

When I think why Captivate is worth using, quite a few points come to my mind. Let me jot them down now…

  1. The Captivate User Interface is neat and well-designed.
  2. All features are made available in the Main Menu and one needn’t grope around searching for the features.
  3. Setting timelines for each slide is just too simple. To some extent the tool is intuitive as in the slide timelines are set automatically and perfectly well. However, the Timelines for the Slide panel that appears below the Tool Bar clearly displays each element of your slide – the text caption, the highlight box and the mouse. All that you need to drag each element along the timeline to adjust it.
  4. Captivate also provides instruction text for the screens captured.
  5. Creating simulations, text effects such as roll overs, click box etc. is a child’s play.
  6. To create a simulation all you need to do is to to insert a Click Box in every slide.
  7. Captivate has inbuilt text and animation effects, so you need not know programming to create such effects.
  8. You also have a Quiz Builder using which you can create assessments. Here again you need not know Flash Scripting.

Captivate infact is a perfect e-learning tool. If you have a readymade Storyboard, you can digitize it using Captivate in a couple of hours.

Lo! This gives me an idea…. I am going to pick up one of my Storyboards and digitize it using Captivate… Doesn’t this sound interesting?

Now you also get started… Download Captivate now and enjoy making videos!


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