Storyboard Templates in Instructional Designing

A Storyboard in Instructional Designing is a prototype of a proposed e-learning course. An Instructional Designer details out each slide of an e-learning course in its right sequence in a Storyboard. A Storyboard can have any number of slides depending on the duration of the course. Most often MS Word or PowerPoint is used to make Storyboard Templates.

Each slide in a Storyboard Template must have the

  • Slide Number
  • Module Name
  • Topic Name
  • Learning Objective
  • Content ( Text + Images)
  • Notes to the Programmer/Designer ( detailing out your ideas on the kind of image or animation the slide must have)
  • Audio Script ( voice over for the slide) (optional)

Here is a sample slide from a Storyboard Template:

To learn more on Storyboard templates, read this interesting article by Bill Brandon in eLearningguild –

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