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Hello All,

I work as an Information Developer. Despite being an English Literature graduate, my fascination for technology has been immense. That’s one reason why I started off my career as a Technical Writer some years back. Then I shifted to Instructional Designing for sometime, and now I am back to Technical Writing.

I hope to share my writing experiences and if possible provide some useful information to all you guys.

Over the next few days I will be posting blogs on Technical Writing. The series is based largely on my experiences. So watch out this blog to learn more…


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  1. I think its a great idea to share your experiences and knowledge with others!!!!!!!! I shall look forward to reading more about Technical Writing……

  2. Hi,
    This is really a gold mine of information that you have provided here.

    I am a tech writer in Gurgaon in SITL.
    I am interested in making tutor cds for subjects.But are good Instructional design courses available in India?
    Do keep it up.

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